A Sentence A Day

A Sentence A Day

If you've been around these parts before you'll know I'm not really one for diary writing. More often than not I just tire of writing one every day, and then on days when I'm feeling low, writing about my life is the last thing I want to do. The idea of A Sentence A Day appealed to me. Each day, you are given a prompt or question and have to answer that in a sentence or less. Sometimes I cheat, but it's a great way to get you thinking without feeling tedious or time consuming. You can pick this journal up here from Kikki K. So I've been filling in this journal for over a year now and today I thought I'd share some of my musings with you. I randomly selected dates from each month and just thought it'd be fun to see what I was thinking. Here's some of my thoughts..

18.01.14 Who do you look up to? Amy Astley, Anna Wintour, Grace Coddington. *Side note: All currently at either Vogue or Teen Vogue. Make of that what you will..

09.02.14 What would your perfect day look like? Laduree Macarons, Sephora spree and dinner with fabulous people.

23.03.14 When was the last time you said "I love you" and to whom? I genuinely can't remember. Is that bad?

22.04.14 What is your favourite topic of conversation? Myself haha nah I'm kidding. Probably beauty, or books, or pop culture stuff. *"Stuff" I am so technical...

22.05.14 Right now, I feel... Exhausted and emotionally drained.

26.06.14 Write down the ingredients for happiness... A dash of optimism, five cups of calm and a zest of life's lemons.

04.07.14 Describe your perfect night in... Chicken fettucinne, movies and reading in bed listening to The Beatles.

21.08.13 Real life or make believe? At the moment: make believe.

14.09.13 What is your favourite dessert? This is hard! I do love mint chocolate chip icecream though.

06.10.13 Cats or dogs? Cats all the way! Totes a sassy legit cat lady. *That is what I really wrote....

27.11.13 What is your favourite band? The Beatles. Always.

08.12.13 What gives you goosebumps? Insects crawling on you, which is a terrible feeling. 

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Beauty Memories

Beauty Memories

I took a little trip down memory lane recently when I stumbled upon some reasonably old photos. They were from '08, the days when all of us seemed to use the built in editing tools to overexpose and oversaturate the heck out of our pictures. While it's difficult to make out exactly what makeup I was wearing, I was crazy about the black 'liner, this to be exact. Anyway, it got me thinking about the makeup I used to wear from the 'firsts' to the faux pas...

Fragrance Firsts-So my first perfume was a freebie bottle of Glow by JLo which at the time I thought was the bee's knees. Then I moved onto Coco Mademoiselle, which was a favourite of an old friend of mine. Faux pas? Absolutely not! I loved, and still do love this fragrance. It's a difficult one to describe but once you spritz this you're bound to recognise it. This one's forever on my wishlist to pick up again.

Glittery Eyes-Eyeshadows with sponge applicators, silver or white were my colour preferences of choice. That makes me cringe just thinking of that now. I also used to wear Mac Reflects Pearl Glitter to school. Subtle right? While my love for glittery eyeshadow hasn't changed it's certainly toned down a tad. My Mac palette above should be a case in point.

Bad Lipstick Decisions-I can't remember where exactly I first discovered Mac Cosmetics but their Barbie campaign is what started my interest. The first lipstick I ever purchased from them was Creme D'Nude. Yep. That one. I'm not sure why it's marketed at paler people, maybe it just didn't suit me, but it was awful. Think 'your lips, but worse, and concealed'. Bad call #1. #2 was the first Viva Glam Gaga lipstick. I was obsessed with Lady Gaga at the time and probably didn't think too much of the colour. Again, it just looked awful on me. Something about those Saint Germain-esque shades just never looks right on me. 

The One Where We All Wanted High End Gloss-Who recalls the obsession with Lancome Juicy Tubes? Those delicious, ridiculously expensive lipglosses that we all seemed to want. I remember having two, the raspberry and marshmallow scented ones. It's been so long since I used these that I can't remember an awful lot about them. Aside from their delicious scent they didn't have an awful lot going for them and I remember them being ridiculously sticky. Yet we all still wore them..

-What's one of your early beauty memories?

*Have a super Monday everyone!! I'm back to Uni today *sad face*. Well, it's not all sad, in fact some of it's potentially going to be quite exciting. I'm just sad to be losing sleep ins but y'know, there's always the weekend for that! x
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What's In My Handbag #2

What's In My Handbag #2

Not my finest selfie but this was the start of flu virus from hell so this is as good as it was gonna get..

Well I'm back, with another video for you all! This time I decided to give you a look inside my rather bulky handbag. It really is like the modern-day Mary Poppins bag, given what I was finding in there. Now advanced apologies for the somewhat stranger sounding voice as I had a sore throat+cough when I filmed this video. I also apologise for the overuse of "um" and "essential" but anyway..here's what's in my well loved handbag. Enjoy!

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The Week #114

The Week #114

Bejewelled Eyeshadow Crayons-I love shimmery, neutral-toned eyeshadows year round but they really seem to come out to play a whole lot more at this time of year. Rimmel's Bad Girl Bronze and By Terry's Misty Rock have both been on high rotation this week. A quick swipe and blending job with these will leave you with gorgeous, bejewelled lids. Lurve. 

Beauty Lover's Heaven-One day a plunge will be taken on the Muji Website, with a little help from a mail forwarding service. Until that happens, I will stare at my screen admiring the Ikea and Muji setups of some of my favourite bloggers. Kate has recently moved flats and shared her updated makeup storage. I love the look of this Ikea desk but my room just isn't big enough for it. *sad face* Anyway, go have a read, and a swoon. Stare longingly at that new Marc Jacobs perfume bottle too. When is that out here? Maybe I shouldn't be told about that....

YouTuber Whispers-You know those days when you just need some hilarious YouTube viewing? Miranda Sings is usually my go-to but I'd seen gifs of Joe's YouTuber Whispers series floating around on Tumblr and went off in search of them. It's basically like Chinese Whispers, with statements about YouTubers and players have insanely loud music going through their headphones, so lip reading is the only option. It's harder than it sounds and had me laughing so hard I started crying. Check them out here

An Investment Piece-What is it about rose gold that's just so alluring? Is it the in-between hue for those who aren't gold or silver people. Whatever it is, it never fails to attract my attention. Britney recently got these headphones for her birthday and they are so pretty. Attractiveness aside, apparently the sound quality is awesome too. I'm tempted, and not just because I've been using those awful Apple headphones for longer than I should have..

The One Where I Don't Go Makeup Shopping-Yep, you read right. Occasionally I go through decor inspired phases, often around Christmas and I'm never not lusting after Bath and Body Works candles. There's also that magazine I love, a stunning fuschia pink lip product and some other odds and ends.

A New Look-My redesign has probably been mentioned to everybody I know this week #sorrynotsorry. I just love it so much and am so happy with how it came out. I designed this new logo+banner for my Facebook page and eventual business cards too. I love me a good makeover clearly.

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Feelin' Spendy

Feelin' Spendy

Title credits go to the one and only Amelia, shopping extraordinaire. Recently I've been doing a bit of non-beauty shopping so I thought I'd round it all up into one neat little post for you today. There's art, that magazine I never stop raving about and one lone lip product...

Bath and Body Works 'Pink Lemonade Pound Cake' Mason Jar Candle, purchased from eBay-Pink lemonade is one of my all-time favourite drinks so it seems almost inevitable really that I'd like this candle. It smells amazing! The scent is like a mix of lemon sponge cake with a hint of sweetness, perhaps even grapefruit-esque notes too. The scents linger for hours after as well. I've still been able to get a whiff of this after replacing the lid on this candle. 

Elephant and Bird 'Dream Believer' Pillowcase, not pictured-Does anyone know how hard pillowcases that aren't attached to pillows are to photograph? Anyway, I just lurve this and I loved this stall at the fair. Luckily you can buy from them online so if anything takes your fancy you can go ahead and shop. 

Frankie Magazine, Issue 60-Frankie is like an old and loyal friend for me. It never disappoints me and I can spend hours getting lost in its pages. In fact, it's one of my favourite things to pack in my bag on long train trips. This issue has been one of my favourites recently. The floral and art prints inside are both beauts. If you're in Australia or New Zealand, get your hands on this one. 

YSL Baby Doll 'Kiss and Blush' in #01-I picked this little number up in a blog sale recently and I love it. The colour reminds me a bit of the new Bourjois Velvet Lipstick in Pink Pong. A vibrant fuschia, this liquid lipstick is so easy to apply which has to be down to the spoon-shaped applicator. The colour itself dries down to a satin finish and is so long wearing. It's not drying in the slightest and while the colour does wear off eventually, touch ups aren't essential as you're left with a gorgeous stain on the lips. 

Broken Bits Clay Hearts, purchased from the Auckland Art and Craft Fair-There doesn't seem to be an online store for this seller, but she does have a Facebook page and travels around various Auckland markets. You may have seen these cropping up in various blog pictures and that's because I think they're so pretty. I can't wait to hang them up on my wall eventually. 

The Fault In Our Stars Print-Love. This is my favourite quote from the entire book although there are so many to love within its pages. I'm not gonna lie, the mint green background and old school typeface were both big drawcards too. 

-Have you had any particularly spendy moments recently? What did you splurge on?

*I hope everyone's having an amazing week. I currently have some kind of cold virus which isn't ideal but there's not much I can really do about that. What else..oh I saw Jersey Boys at the cinema on Tuesday. It was actually really good. I do have a much softer spot for the musical though but I still loved it regardless. Blog-wise I've been slowly updating the pages and other bits and pieces to match my new template. There's a disclaimer page down the bottom and now I have Disqus installed so commenting should no longer be an issue. Have a fabulous Thursday! xx
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